A smarter suite to help your hotel business thrive

shiftPMS is an advanced and All-in-One Hotel Business Software. Discover our suite of intuitive tools to perfectly manage your rooms and take care of your guests while keeping an eye on the financial health of your establishment.

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Everything you need to manage your rooms and your hotel is here. Fast room booking, smart reports to analyse your activity, better financial management and more. We offer more than 65 features! An impressive way to work effectively.


Easy book, quickly edit and track all your bookings

Drag and drop based, you will see how easy it is to create a booking in a few seconds. Move it, extend it, ... That's it! It's intuitive as never to manage your bookings and your rooms.

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Real-time reports and statistics for your guests and bookings

Using the most actionable info from your hotel and bookings datas, we create intuitive visualizations and real-time reports giving you the insight and visibility you need to make more informed decisions.

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Optimization of rate rules

Set room rates depending certain periods of traffic. Offer negotiated rates to your best guests. Dynamically modify room rates while ensuring a consistent and acceptable price strategy for the customer.

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Boost your billing process

The billing of your bookings must be clear and precise. With shiftPMS, it is very intuitive to generate PDF invoices based on your guest activity and transfer billable items from rooms to rooms.

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Customize your hotel information

Manage your billable items, your booking sources or the reason your guests chose your hotel. All these data and more are editable when you want.

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We have more than 65 features for you and for your employees. Reports, rooms and prices management, inventory updates and more... Let discover them now.

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