Rooms & Hotel

Features that will simplify the daily management of your rooms and the management of your inventories.


Your cleaning service knows which rooms must be cleaned.


Manage inventory and billable items (Paid TV, rentals, ...).


Manage your room rates or promotions at any time.

Automatic or manual end of day process

You will have the possibility to change the way the end of day process is done. Automatically at midnight or rather manually by keeping control over the billable items.

Close a room

You need to work in a room for renovations, you can close it.

Payment methods

Add, edit or remove your accepted payment methods easily.


Simplified management of the receivable accounts.

Rooms status

The guest can do his check-in? Find the room status in the planning.

Need a particular feature?

We can develop it for you in a very cost effective way. Contact us to learn more.